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Cable Management

Top Solar offers cable management services for the entire lifecycle of wires and cables. Allow our team to hold your hand through the initial development to long-term operation. We can estimate costs, delivery, and service equipment after the sale and setup. Here are some of our offerings under this service:
1. Materials
This involves an analysis of the details of the application to ensure that customers receive the right length and number of cables and wires. Doing so will guarantee that the operational requirements will be met or even …

Cable Engineering

Top Solar is proud to say that our team is full of experts when it comes to the construction of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and similar cable solutions. Our experience is especially valuable because there are times and circumstances when a readily available product will not suffice for the application or industry.
Allow us to help you in the identification of flaws and development of improvements on your existing cable and wire designs. With our flexible designs and processes, we can even integrate late-stage changes to the setup without creating additional…

Utility, Industrial, and Communication Cables

Top Solar offers cable and wire that is suitable for use in utility, industrial, and commercial projects and applications. If you are not familiar with them, you might not know that they can be divided into several categories. Here are the three categories of these cables:

Utility cables
Industrial cables
Communication cable and wire

They are used for different functions and are made up of different components and …

Solar Cables and Accessories

Top Solar is here to provide you with all of your solar needs, from power cables to control cables to hardware to accessories to the photovoltaic wire. We only offer sturdy, durable, and weather-resistant cables that will withstand any pressure, bending, and stretching. Our business is a pioneer in the solar cable and wire market. We are the best people for the job when you need solutions for your connectivity project.

Additional Services

What to Consider

Considerations for Solar Power and Wind Turbine Cables
Top Solar is the best choice if you want complete cable and wire solutions at reasonable prices. It does not matter how simple or complex your project is. We have experts who are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you in small and large-scale capacities alike. Our team is regularly responsible for reducing power outages, customizing cables for various purposes, and sourcing rare products on the market. We ensure the happiness of our clients by providing them with solutions to their problems.

Renewable Energy Power Applications

It is impressive just how rapid the growth and development of renewable energy have been. More and more companies recognize the potential to bring down emissions and costs at the same time. Aside from meeting sustainability goals, wind and solar farms generate a lot of energy that may be used for various industrial processes.
Before that can happen, however, there must be resilient infrastructures capable of withstanding difficult environments and ever-changing energy demands. Let us not forget just how important cable, wire, equipment, and hardware all are. They…

Supply Chain and Logistics

Cables and wires can be costly when you do not work with the right company. Top Solar is pleased to inform you that we readily offer cable and wire procurement in an effective and economical way. This service lets our clients have full control over their inventory and enjoy a better cash flow.
Aside from that, Top Solar is here to make product storage much easier for you. Sometimes, seeing cables and wires on-site can stress you out even when you do not need them just yet. Luckily for you, we allow our clients to store their products in any of our warehouses to …

Latest News

Federal Government Announced New Investments for Indigenous Clean Energy in British Columbia

In line with the Canadian government’s commitment to both the Strengthened Climate Plan and reconciliation, its federal government has been working on a project with First Nations, industry partners, and provincial governments. These efforts have culminated in the British Columbia Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative, frequently shortened to BCICEI.
On December 12th, 2022, there was an announcement regarding new investments totaling $10 million. The news came from Federal Minister of Indigenous Services Patty Hajdu, the Minister responsible for the Pacific …

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Alectra Pours $22M for the Improvement of Reliability via Cable Rejuvenation in Vaughan

In an effort to address electricity demands and reliability concerns, Alectra Utilities is working on the reinforcement of its Vaughan power grid. In the past year, the company poured in $12 million for this. Mind you, this is far from the end as it has set aside yet another $10 million to replace and rejuvenate the underground cables in the area. Overall, the company will spend $22 million to improve the reliability of its services using a process called cable rejuvenation.
Various parts of the distribution system have already reached their end-of-life cycles or…

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