Cable Management

Top Solar offers cable management services for the entire lifecycle of wires and cables. Allow our team to hold your hand through the initial development to long-term operation. We can estimate costs, delivery, and service equipment after the sale and setup. Here are some of our offerings under this service:

1. Materials

This involves an analysis of the details of the application to ensure that customers receive the right length and number of cables and wires. Doing so will guarantee that the operational requirements will be met or even exceeded.

2. Bulk purchase

Top Solar will provide the cables, wires, and materials your project requires. Bulk orders guarantee a reduction in the overall source costs.

3. Reels and custom cut

Regardless of the form and length, Top Solar will provide your cable as desired. You can specify whether you require bulk reels or cables cut to specific lengths.

4. Documentation and traceability

Documentation comes in handy because it lets you trace and monitor every single cable. Management will be a breeze when you have the capacity to identify which batch it belongs to and what material it is made of.

5. Cable recycling

In case of any leftover cable or wire upon project completion, Top Solar can retrieve them. This will ensure that the materials will not be scrapped or end up in a landfill. It will guarantee sustainability and reuse.

Top Solar can take care of cable management to make the process less costly and easier for developers, owners, utilities, and more.  We are also experienced in providing cables and wires to businesses and organizations in the renewable energy industry. Top Solar is a one-stop shop that offers cable solutions to the whole sector.