After 100 years of service to the Wire and Cable Industry, Solar Compounds is sad to announce we are closing down our manufacturing operation.

A huge "Thank You" goes out to our customers, vendors, consultants and contractors for your support during our years of operation.

We are still available at 908-862-2813 for questions or concerns.

Many of our product formulas are being produced by Beacon Adhesives, Their phone number is 914-699-3400.

Custom Formulation, Toll Manufacturing & Private Labelling

Custom Formulation to Meet Specialized Requirements

Customers' material requirements sometimes extend beyond the properties of our standard products. In these cases, SOLAR chemists will work closely with the customers' manufacturing specialists to determine specific product needs. An individual chemist is assigned to work on specific projects, from start to finish, ensuring consistent contact and superb results.

Toll Manufacturing and Private Labeling

Toll Manufacturing and Private Labeling

Strategically located in Linden, New Jersey, Solar Compounds Corporation offers its customers toll manufacturing of custom products, difficult to handle products and excess capacity materials. Solar Compounds has over 80 years of experience with customer oriented tolling and private labeling of hot melts, asphalt modifiers, silicones, polyurethane's and epoxies. The Linden, NJ plant has a full spectrum of processing capabilities and manufacturing equipment to handle most toll manufacturing needs and product types.

For detailed information on custom formulation or toll manufacturing, and to discuss your specific requirements, contact Solar Compounds.

Solar Processing Equipment

Solar Compounds' mixing equipment for processing hot melt products, solvent based products, and high viscosity materials includes lab mixers, pilot plant, and full scale production mixers for most product types such as.

Hot Melt and Asphalt Kettles:
50 Gallons to 5,000 Gallons
High Viscosity Mixers:
(2) Ross Double Planetary: 200 Gallons
(2) Sigma Double Arm: 350 Gallons (Hot Oil Jacketed)
(1) Rake Mixer: 100 Gallons
Solvent Based Mixers:
50 Gallon to 2,000-Gallon Blending Tanks
50 Gallon to 350-Gallon High Speed Mixers

Product filtration and vacuum for most products.

Hot melts can be supplied in chip form if needed, and where formulation allows processing.

Solar Process Development and Manufacturing

Process development is performed in our own research laboratories and fully equipped pilot testing facilities. Batch processes are performed in full-scale production for the manufacturing of paints, coatings, sealants, mastics, hot melts, asphaltics and adhesives.

The Solar Compounds Linden, NJ manufacturing operation is fully equipped and staffed to handle production of epoxies, RTV silicones, asphaltics, hydrocarbon resins, butyl sealants, solvent and water-based technologies, hot melt adhesives and fire-retardant technology.

Private Label Packaging

Solar Compounds will supply standard or custom formulated materials in gallons, 5-gallons, 55 gallon drums, 300 gallon totes and tank wagons per customer specification.

Please contact Solar Compounds regarding your application requirements. A member of our technical staff will review your project in detail with you.