After 100 years of service to the Wire and Cable Industry, Solar Compounds is sad to announce we are closing down our manufacturing operation.

A huge "Thank You" goes out to our customers, vendors, consultants and contractors for your support during our years of operation.

We are still available at 908-862-2813 for questions or concerns.

Many of our product formulas are being produced by Beacon Adhesives, Their phone number is 914-699-3400.

Mold Release Compounds
(For Polyester, Polyurethane and Related Plastics)

The Solarite 1894 EX Series (1894EX and 1894EX-L) parting agents are silicone free products designed for release of laminates and castings of polyesters, polyurethanes, and similar resins.

These release agents consist of a heat and monomer resistant wax base which is solvent (Mineral Spirits) reduced for application convenience.


The Solarite 1894 EX is available in two forms. The 1894 EX-S is a higher solids content (firm paste), while the 1894 EX-L is a lower solids content (semi-paste).

The normal method of application is cold wiping on mold surfaces. Both grades can, with proper precautions, be warmed to a liquid state and spray applied.

For effective release from porous mold surfaces, such as plaster and wood, these surfaces must be thoroughly sealed prior to coating with the 1894 EX. Although buffing the dried 1894 EX release coating is not necessary for release purposes, such treatment tends to enhance the surface gloss of the molded plastic.

The coating of 1894 EX release agent should be permitted to dry to a faint haze before molding.

If molding surfaces must be freed of residual traces of 1894 EX, thorough washing with hydrocarbon solvent or combination of solvent, detergent and water are suggested.

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Silicone free parting agent. For release of laminates and castings of polyesters, polyurethanes, and similar resins. Consist of a heat and monomer resistant wax base. Solvent (mineral spirits) reduced for application convenience.

Please contact Solar Compounds regarding your application requirements. A member of our technical staff will review your project in detail with you.