Renewable Energy Power Applications

It is impressive just how rapid the growth and development of renewable energy have been. More and more companies recognize the potential to bring down emissions and costs at the same time. Aside from meeting sustainability goals, wind and solar farms generate a lot of energy that may be used for various industrial processes.

Before that can happen, however, there must be resilient infrastructures capable of withstanding difficult environments and ever-changing energy demands. Let us not forget just how important cable, wire, equipment, and hardware all are. They are vital in the production, transportation, and storage of electricity.

Top Solar considers itself an expert when it comes to cable, wire, equipment, and hardware solutions for solar, wind, EV, and other sectors of the renewable energy sector. We understand the importance of getting your products quickly, and we guarantee that they will reach you in a matter of days.

In the renewable energy sector, here are some of the most important cable and wire products:

  • Low voltage cable
  • Medium voltage cable
  • Transmission cable and conductor
  • Grounding, guy, and static wire
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Control cable
  • EV infrastructure cable
  • Hardware and accessories

You can get these products at Top Solar. Aside from these, we also offer customized cables that will be suitable for the unique needs of your company.

Commercial and Utility Solar Energy Applications

Different commercial sectors rely on the solar industry and enjoy the benefits of energy source diversification. Commercial solar power companies use large-scale PV plants that get energy from a multitude of panels. Once they are hit by sunlight, the cells generate an electric field and absorb the energy. The electricity goes through an inverter before reaching the battery.

PV wire refers to a single insulated conductor for the interconnection of solar panels in solar farms. Individual panels and solar farms alike would not be able to function if there is no network of solar power cables, wires, equipment, and hardware. PV wires are ideal in both grounded and ungrounded PV power systems, typically with a rating of as much as 2 kV, in raceways, direct burial, and free air.

Solar panels are made up of frames containing glass-covered solar cells and produce a charge when sunlight enters. These panels are interconnected, so they result in strings and return to a combiner box. With monitoring systems, the project works together to generate commercial solar energy.