Solar Cables and Accessories

Top Solar is here to provide you with all of your solar needs, from power cables to control cables to hardware to accessories to the photovoltaic wire. We only offer sturdy, durable, and weather-resistant cables that will withstand any pressure, bending, and stretching. Our business is a pioneer in the solar cable and wire market. We are the best people for the job

when you need solutions for your connectivity project.

Here are the solar power solutions that we offer:

  • Communication cables
  • Photovoltaic cables
  • Grounding cables
  • Transmission wire and cable
  • Medium voltage power cables
  • Equipment
  • Hardware

Allow us to tell you more about our solar products.

Communication cables

We have several options for fiber optic cables: multimode and single-mode. The RS485 twisted copper wires come with protection in the form of a single jacket, single armor/single jacket, double jacket, double armor/double jacket, and fiber-in duct option. You can even use them as an optical ground wire.

Photovoltaic wire

This refers to a single conductor wire with a rating of 90 degrees Celcius dry or wet. It is sunlight resistant and used to interconnect wiring of ungrounded and grounded PV power systems alike. Conductors often use either aluminum or copper. They can be used for open-air installation, solar panel and combiner box connection, inverter and combiner box connection, or direct burial installation.

Grounding cables

Electrical wires guarantee that the circuits will run smoothly as it safely discharges any excess electricity. We offer copper-clad steel and bare copper wires that will accomplish this function.

Transmission wire and cable

We have overhead bare and covered transmission wires, including AAAC and ACSR.

Medium voltage power cables

We provide medium voltage power cables with a range between 5 kV and 46 kV. They are equipped with an XLPE or LLDPE jacket. Aside from that, we have copper tape, flat straps, and concentric neutral wires. You can choose from the following insulation options: EPR insulation MV-105, EPR insulation MV-90, TR-XLPE insulation MV-105, and TR-XLPE insulation MV-90.

System accessories

Aside from the aforementioned parts and products, we also offer the following accessories and hardware:

  • Elbow arresters
  • Elbows
  • Splices
  • Sectionalizing cabinets
  • Terminations

Top Solar Cables and Accessories

Top Solar is the leading business in solar power connectors and cables. We have a full range of wires, cables, and accessories that will satisfy everything you need for both renewable energy and utility applications. They are perfect for wind, solar, EV infrastructure, and battery storage.

Aside from our products, we promise to deliver top-notch services as well. We have experts who can guide you through the design, engineering, and management processes. Solar energy applications are not too difficult when you turn to experts like us.