Cable Engineering

Top Solar is proud to say that our team is full of experts when it comes to the construction of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and similar cable solutions. Our experience is especially valuable because there are times and circumstances when a readily available product will not suffice for the application or industry.

Allow us to help you in the identification of flaws and development of improvements on your existing cable and wire designs. With our flexible designs and processes, we can even integrate late-stage changes to the setup without creating additional problems.

At Top Solar, we want to ensure that our clients can optimize their businesses and focus on running their organization instead of stressing about anything related to wires and cables. We do this with the help of experienced technicians and engineers, whose designs always take manufacturability into consideration. This allows us to work on orders at a reduced cost to improve your bottom line and minimize the need for future repairs.

Our team has the right experience and training to improve system designs when it comes to transmission lines, interconnection substations, collection systems, and the like. A unique problem requires a unique solution, and our team is more than equipped to deliver innovative and creative services and products that will satisfy the requirements of your setup.

From conceptualization to installation to maintenance, we are here to help you. No wire and cable problem is ever insurmountable when you work with us. Top Solar takes it upon itself to evaluate your current setup, listen to your requirements, offer insights into the problem at hand, and deliver a solution that will allow you to focus on growing your business.