Supply Chain and Logistics

Cables and wires can be costly when you do not work with the right company. Top Solar is pleased to inform you that we readily offer cable and wire procurement in an effective and economical way. This service lets our clients have full control over their inventory and enjoy a better cash flow.

Aside from that, Top Solar is here to make product storage much easier for you. Sometimes, seeing cables and wires on-site can stress you out even when you do not need them just yet. Luckily for you, we allow our clients to store their products in any of our warehouses to free up space and time. Our clients can always retrieve them in no time at all once they finally need them.

Top Solar is also here to break down the bulk order. We can cut down the wires and cables to specified lengths as required. Our team will then deliver the products to you in small or big shipments for the completion of your projects. Our distribution centers, warehouse locations, and sales offices are distributed across North America. There is no need to worry because we have coverage across Canada and the United States.

As any business owner in any field should know, logistics and supply chains can be stressful to deal with. Allow us to take care of this for you to reduce any stress and burden on your part. Top Solar wants our clients to have enough to focus on aspects that directly impact their companies. Your orders, big and small, will be delivered in a professional and timely manner to provide you with the support that you need.