Author: Jackie Gautreaux

What are the Benefits of Using a 2000 kWh Solar System?

With the rave about sustainable living and environmental responsibility, the spotlight is firmly on solar energy as a dependable and eco-friendly way to power our homes. That’s not surprising. Solar power reduces dependence on fossil fuels and proffers significant long-term savings. Among the different solar system sizes available, the 2000 kWh solar system is a fan favorite for meeting the energy needs of an …

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Federal Government Announced New Investments for Indigenous Clean Energy in British Columbia

In line with the Canadian government’s commitment to both the Strengthened Climate Plan and reconciliation, its federal government has been working on a project with First Nations, industry partners, and provincial governments. These efforts have culminated in the British Columbia Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative, frequently shortened to BCICEI.
On December 12th, 2022, there was an announcement regarding new investments totaling $10 million. The news came from Federal Minister of Indigenous Services Patty Hajdu, the Minister responsible for the Pacific …

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Alectra Pours $22M for the Improvement of Reliability via Cable Rejuvenation in Vaughan

In an effort to address electricity demands and reliability concerns, Alectra Utilities is working on the reinforcement of its Vaughan power grid. In the past year, the company poured in $12 million for this. Mind you, this is far from the end as it has set aside yet another $10 million to replace and rejuvenate the underground cables in the area. Overall, the company will spend $22 million to improve the reliability of its services using a process called cable rejuvenation.
Various parts of the distribution system have already reached their end-of-life cycles or…

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A Decade Ago, We Saw The Permanent Closure of the Hydro-Quebec Gentilly-2 Nuclear Reactor

It was on December 28th, 2012 at 11:02 in the evening that the Gentilly-2 generating station was shut down for good. The nuclear reactor had been in service for 29 years before it was decommissioned. Ten years after the unfortunate event, we now have a better idea of the steps required to cease operations at the facility. Right now, almost 40 people continue to be employed here.

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Electra’s New Recycling Demonstration Plant for Battery Materials in Ontario

Electra Battery Materials Corporation has launched a demonstration plant with the goal of recovering and recycling high-value elements present in lithium-ion batteries. Located in an Electra refinery complex in Ontario, they process cobalt, copper, graphite, lithium, and nickel, among others.
CEO Trent Mell said that this was a great way to end 2022, a year full of achievements for the company. He said that there has become a need for …

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The Differences Between The Three Kinds of Voltage Cables

Are you trying to choose high-quality cables for a project? If so, you need to do your research well. Before you order and pay for them, you should first understand what sets low-voltage (LV), medium-voltage (MV), and high-voltage (HV) cables. They each offer different properties that make them ideal for certain applications and setups.
Three Different Cables Based on Voltage Capacity
Cables are produced in different …

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